Mae gets Spoiled, again!

Mae just loves the fact that her Mummy is a blogger- recently she’s had a steady stream of goodies in the post which have kept her tummy happy and her mind occupied. The latest of these parcels came via who, as the name would suggest, are an online pet shop who also run a “bottomless bowl” service meaning you can place a single order for your pet food, select how often you want it delivered and never have to worry about forgetting again! You can of course place an order as a one off, but I really like the idea of having a set delivery every two weeks or once a month and not have to lug bags and boxes back from the supermarket. You can cancel your order at any time and change what day it arrives to suit you; whilst we haven’t signed up yet it’s something I’m strongly considering especially as Mae is a huge fan of the foods they sent over and seems to turn her nose up at super market own brand ever since parcels started arriving!
Inside the box we found a selection of wet food pouches from Almo Nature which were a huge hit. Mae hadn’t tried this brand before but it’s safe to say she was a fan, I’ve never seen her clear a bowl of food so fast, nor lick it so clean! She was equally keen on the Canagan Free-Run Chicken dry food- usually she has a sachet of wet food in the morning and evening and a bowl of dry food down during the day/night for grazing on. This didn’t quite work as planned once we put this down as both wet food bowl and dry food bowl were clean in minutes!

Luckily to run off all of that food we were sent a toy for Mae to chase! I can’t find the exact one on the website but it was by a brand called petstages and it has quickly become her new favourite thing to play with (with exception of feet and lollipops) ever. We’ve even managed to wean her off her dreamies addiction with the help of the treats that were in the package, Natures Menu you sure know how to make a kitty happy, even when her behaviour doesn’t exactly warrant rewarding!

Have you ever considered a pet food subscription? My only concern is that Mae is quite fickle and can’t be relied on to continue eating the same food brand for a week, let alone a fortnight or more…I think it’s something we’ll try soon though as it’s so convenient and saves last minute dashes to the shop when you realise there’s nothing left for breakfast!


Cold Snap

Last week, whilst people up North were frolicking in snow and ice we down near Bristol were left with a mere sprinkle of the white stuff, frolicking in sleet and freezing winds instead. In our wisdom Mum and I decided to pop down to a lake near where we live, mostly so that I could practice some driving manoeuvres in the car park but also as a change of location for blog pictures. I used to spend a lot of time down at the lake, Dad and my Granddad were big fans of taking my brother and I down to let off steam on a Sunday. These days I tend to (shamefully) forget about it, but I have a return trip planned- this time armed with bread to feed the hoards of hungry ducks!

Coat: Zara (last year) | Jumper: H&M | Jeans: Bershka | Boots: Zara

Such chilly weather calls for layers of basics to keep in some heat. I had tried in vain not to give in and to carry on wearing my skirts, dresses and tights but in the end jeans and this cosy new jumper from H&M won. I had it in my head that I hated roll neck jumpers, something about feeling constricted but this one doesn’t make me feel like that at all and is super cosy to boot! At £5 in the H&M sale I wish there had been more colours available. Once I’ve recovered from the shock of spending my savings on a MacBook air (very much needed as my old laptop was taking twenty minutes to load a page) I might seek out a few more bargain knits just in case more freezing conditions threaten.
Do you have any local beauty spots like this? I think I’m going to try and get more photos amongst the ducks and geese as the weather improves- wading through mud isn’t very glamorous but it does make a change from the back garden!



It’s been a while since I roped Ben in to taking photos for the blog, mostly because I am too lazy to drag my camera in to Bristol when I go to spend the weekends with him. Feeling a little more motivated the weekend before last (spurred on by my rambling post the other day) we had a mini photo-shoot by the studio he rents to teach guitar and do web design work from.

Top: Primark | Skirt c/o Clothing at Tesco (last year) | Boots c/o Daniel Footwear (last year but available still) | Necklace c/o Jon Richard

I picked up this top in Primark a few weeks ago and this was the first time I had even tried it on. It wasn’t until I uploaded these photos that I realised quite how sheer it was, perhaps it’s less so in real life as nobody reacted like I was exposing myself but either way I think it looks kind of cool (and to be honest, you can’t expect too much from a top that cost a fiver!). I’m still not over my love of tartan and I’m really enjoying this outfit as a whole- the gold details make me look quite put together for once in my life!
I’m not usually one for wearing big, chunky necklaces but this one calls out to me from my collection every so often. It’s made me realise I should probably make an effort more often when it comes to accessorising an outfit- I am forever fawning over jewellery, scarves and bags that other bloggers are wearing without ever thinking to capture my own…oops! Perhaps I can add that to my “non-resolution” list.
After my fit of insecurity about my blog the other day I’ve realised the only way I can feel better about it is to make some changes. I’m feeling quite motivated at the moment so hopefully I can get things to a stage where I feel more content with my content…who knows, whatever will be will be and as long as I’m having fun I’m trying not to care!
What did you get up to this weekend? My beloved Grandad turned 80 on Saturday and we had a family tea-party at my parents’ (he flat out refused a big celebration!). Sunday Ben and I had a little dinner date after I’d taken my camera for a stroll around Bristol in hopes of getting some inspiration for a future blog post…


An Easy-Peasy Valentine’s Card

Believe it or not I used to be quite adept at DIY and crafts. Every card or letter I wrote involved something handmade and was something I’d spent a great deal of time and effort on. Fast forward a few years and I no longer have that same amount of time to dedicate to crafts, which saddens me greatly…my huge supply of blank cards, pretty envelopes and endless decorations is now diminished and everything I send tends to be shop bought.
With Valentine’s Day on the horizon I thought I’d attempt to create something perfect for the time poor. I appreciate that not everyone will have the kit I do, but for those who do own an Instax Mini Camera, or indeed any polaroid type kit will be able to whip up something special in no time- and if you don’t own anything, then you can use the same principe and make a card using a photo you’ve printed or a cutting from a magazine or newspaper…
Literally all you need to make this is a piece of blank card, a picture you want to use, a marker pen and an envelope to pop it in (I used to have quite a snazzy selection to make it extra special). I used some double sided sticky pads to fix the photo to the card and added a little caption underneath. It’s hardly ground-breaking, but it’s simple and effective and gives the satisfaction of having created something handmade in next to no time!
Any other super simple Valentine’s ideas you’ve seen? Feel free to share them in the comments, I’d love to give them a try!


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Forget about Roses, I want Rose Gold!

I was very late to the game when it comes to the obsession with Rose Gold. Whilst everyone around me was going potty with it, I was still stuck on my love of Silver and believed I would never stray. As each season passes by in the world of fashion there seems to be more and more collections featuring this favoured metal, and having seen some stunning new arrivals from lolaandgrace I will throw my hands up in the air and freely call myself a convert (or cliche).
Particular favourites from this selection include the slim line mini bar necklace and the square solitaire ring but if Cupid is taking notes then I wouldn’t object to any of this landing on my doorstep come February 14th…
How about you? Do you get the Rose Gold hype? To be fair, lolaandgrace can do no wrong in my eyes but I just adore everything they make in this metal…which piece(s) do you love best?