Playing Princess with Chi Chi

I’m a total sucker for a pretty dress and thanks to e-tail PR and Chi Chi I’ve become the owner of quite a few. I thought nothing was going to top my previous favourite but I think my latest delivery might be nudging it out of top spot.
This is the Alice Dress and it both looks and feels like it should cost a lot more than £54.99. I paired it’s delicate pink chiffon self with some gold sparkly sandals from Sarenza and just instantly felt good. That’s how you know you’re on to a winner with an outfit, when your confidence automatically soars ten points.
I love a good maxi dress, it’s one of the advantages of being tall I think and I can almost forget my woe of short dresses being too short. Even a casual jersey maxi can make me feel a little more chic so you can only imagine how I felt in this one.
I’m almost sad I already have an outfit lined up for my friend’s wedding this weekend as I would love to wear this…perhaps the maxi length wouldn’t be so suitable for the post-ceremony barn dance but that isn’t the point. If I hadn’t promised myself no more trips to A&E I’d be hastily returning the dress I bought in favour of this beauty. Chi Chi you’ve done it again- now, someone else get married so I can wear this.
What dress style makes you feel like a Princess?


Top 5 Wedding Hairstyles (a guest post)

*Disclaimer: I’m not getting married, but I know lots of people who are so I hope you find some inspiration from this!
We all have bad hair days from time to time, but troublesome tresses are a big no no on your wedding day. When it comes time for you to walk down the aisle, you’ll no doubt want luxurious locks that perfectly complement your outfit. There are plenty of gorgeous styles to choose from, and here are five of the most popular.
1) Elegant waves

If you don’t like over complicating things, elegant waves might be just what you’re after. With this style, there’s no need for hundreds of hair pins. With some practice, you might feel confident enough to attempt the look yourself, or to get one of your bridesmaids to have a go. Just make sure you have your curling tongs and plenty of hairspray to hand. For a summer wedding, you can add a floral note by weaving some flowers in.

2) Classic bun

Another wedding favourite is the classic bun. This can be ideal if you want to keep your hair off your face and buns are great for hanging wedding veils off too. You can choose whether to go for neat versions or softer, looser arrangements. To boost volume and to achieve the perfect shape, use a sponge hair ring.

3) Understated side ponytail

If you’re not sure whether to have your hair up or down, a side ponytail could offer the ideal compromise. You get the benefit of having your hair tied back, which can be especially handy if you’re getting hitched outdoors, but you can also let your locks fall around your face. You may decide to curl your ponytail or wear it straight and sleek instead.

4) Simple chignon

It’s also worth considering the simple chignon. This sophisticated style works especially well with side partings and you add detail to it by plaiting sections of your hair. Kate Middleton is a fan of this style and she can often be seen sporting it to events.

5) Glamorous bouffant

For something a little more glam, you can opt for a bouffant style. These voluminous creations are certainly eye-catching. To get this look right though, you’ll need expert help. After all, it’s not easy to backcomb and arrange your hair from behind and, if this look goes wrong, it can go very wrong! Also, bear in mind that while you can wear a veil with these styles, it’s not wise to choose one that covers your hair. Instead, it’s best to attach your veil at the bottom of your bouffant and let it flow down your back.

Practice makes perfect
Whichever style you decide to go for on your big day, make sure you practice it. You’ll have enough to worry about when you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle without suffering last-minute panics about your hair.

If you’re styling your locks yourself or getting a friend to help, make sure you have at least one practice run. Meanwhile, even if you’re getting a professional to fix your hair, it pays off to have a trial. This way, you can make sure you’re totally satisfied with the end results.

Author bio: Anna Longdin writes regularly about fashion and beauty, and she visits sites including Marlows Diamonds to stay in touch with the top trends.


On Trial: ActiPatch

It’s been a long haul with my back problems, since the moment I somehow managed to pop out two discs last October and landed myself in A&E I haven’t been pain free. Things have improved drastically since I had Microdiscectomy surgery in February- it solved my numbness and weakness in my left leg at least, but the surgery was never going to cure the actual back pain and it’s something I still struggle with.
Since my post-op recovery period I’ve tried to wean down on the strong pain medication, floating along on a cloud of Tramadol is a novelty for a day or two but it grows tiresome fast and I really did not want to end up with an addiction to pain meds. I’m now mostly just on paracetemol but sometimes that’s not enough, I’ve been seeking out alternative ways to ease the pain such as yoga and improving my posture as well as using a handy little device called ActiPatch which I was lucky enough to have sent to me after they read some of my post surgery tweets.
ActiPatch is available in several formats to target specific types of pain, I was sent the Back Pain Relief model which costs £19.99 and is available to buy from Boots. It boasts an impressive 720 of back pain relief using electromagnetic pulse therapy to reduce pain and inflammation. This is a therapy that has been clincally proven and used for decades in the treatment of pain and you don’t feel a thing whilst wearing the patch. You can wear the patch 24/7 until the pain is reduced and it has long lasting benefits proven to be five times more effective than traditional pain medications.
Despite the impressive statistics and claims I was sceptical as to how effective a tiny little device can be. It’s essentially a little disc with some wires and an on/off button that slips inside a pouch on a belt you fasten around your middle, with the disc over the source of the pain. At first I found it distracting to wear the belt but I stopped noticing after a while and it’s not at all bulky so ideal for wearing under clothes day or night. After about an hour I really started to notice a reduction in my pain and after the suggested 8 hours continuous usage I was virtually pain free and after taking the belt off I stayed pain free until well in to the next day.
I’ve been using this for some months now, probably clocking up around 100 hours, so there’s a long way to go until it runs out. I say this is well worth the £19.99 price tag, when I take in to account what I’ve paid for medications and prescriptions and I would recommend this to anyone who suffers from chronic pain.
Have you tried any alternative pain relief methods? I’d love to know them as I’m always up for trying something new. Let me know if you try ActiPatch and how you get on too, honestly I don’t understand HOW it works entirely but I can hand on heart say it does.


Bag Crush- Lamb 1887

I’ve always had a soft spot for bags, not that you’d know it with the way I bang on about shoes. Now I’ve run out of room to house even one more pair of shoes (watch that stop me!) my affections have switched back over to handbags and more specifically clutch bags despite having only ever owned three in my life. I’ve been browsing them a lot lately as I needed to get one to take to my friend’s wedding this weekend and during that browsing I stumbled across the amazing (but sadly out of my budget) Lamb 1887.
Inspired by old school glamour icons and adored by celebrities like Fearne Cotton and Pippa Middleton Lamb 1887 delivers timeless elegance with a modern twist crafted from the finest leathers.
Founded by Charlotte Lamb the brand is grown from a business started by her artisan cobbler Great Grandfather in 1887. Charlotte was inspired to create Lamb 1887 after struggling to find elegant, on trend and affordable bags whilst working in the city. Spring/Summer sees a huge injection of colour and textures, with prices from £90-£260.
I’m already a huge fan of Lamb 1887 and I can’t wait to see more from the brand over coming seasons. I can see them becoming a fashionista staple in the British fashion world.
The pink clutch bag would be perfect for the wedding and if I had £110 to spare it would be coming with me. What brands have you discovered lately? What do you think of Lamb 1887?


co-ording around

It had to happen, didn’t it? The time would finally come when I tried out a co-ord set . I honestly didn’t expect to love it, I think they look brilliant on other bloggers (and non-bloggers for that matter) but I really didn’t think it was something I’d feel comfortable OR confident in. As it happens it made me feel both, and a little bit more “fashion” than I usually am.

Co-ord c/o Missguided | Shoes: Marks and Spencer

I was first drawn to the print of the co-ord, that and the fact it’s shorts and a cropped top rather than a body con skirt and super tight vest. The shorts sit nice and high on the waist which makes them super flattering and they are also a decent length which was a huge pull for me as I just don’t do hot pants (or body con). The top has a zip all the way down the back which breaks up the florals a little and also looks pretty awesome teamed with denim.
Shoe wise I popped on my Birkenstock a-likes from Marks and Spencer. I had originally gone in to get these slide sandals which I fell in love with after seeing them in a press release. They weren’t in stock in my size though and although I was prepared to wait or order online I then saw these in white and they were just so comfortable I couldn’t leave them behind. I can’t find the white ones online but there is some super pretty pastel shades ins tead and at £17.50 they are a total bargain!
I haven’t yet worn the co-ord set further than the back garden, Nailsea isn’t really a town ready for such fashionable attire but the second I head to the city I’m game on, I think…I actually have a second set from Primark in my wardrobe ready to be worn too, I love how one little set can be worn in any number of ways.
What do you think of the co-ord trend? I was late to warm to it but I think I’m a fan.