Troll Face

This outfit combines four of my favourite pieces from my wardrobe and it’s probably one of my favourite outfits I’ve worn in ages. Slouchy but smart, pastel but warm…it was perfect for a lazy Sunday morning (until I got chocolate on the top) and then again for evening drinks- the in between was spent in something far less glamorous as Ben and I went for a bike ride and skirts + bikes + Laura’s dignity really don’t mix.

Top: New Look | Skirt: ASOS Tall (sale) | Brogues: Hobbs via McArthur Glen | Necklace: Chelsea Doll c/o Spoiled Brat

I’ve mentioned before that I own this New Look top in three other colours, they are the most brilliant basic for both work and non work wearings. I can’t remember exactly how much they cost, but just like the vests I’ve gone on and on about as well they were worth their bargain price as they wear and wash so well. I hope New Look bring out some more colours for the colder months. I initially thought the boxy shape might be a bit too much with this skirt, which for some reason I am a little afraid of wearing. It’s probably because the split front comes up quite high, but as long as one is careful when getting out of a car or jumping over anything there isn’t any reason for it to cause a problem. This is yet another well cut piece from the ASOS tall range , which I am fairly obsessed with. Whilst writing this post I had a cheeky look at their new arrivals and OH MAN there are so many pieces I want to add to my wardrobe right now.

I pretty much live in these brogues when I need a flat but smart shoe as they are so comfortable and have the ability to liven up any outfit. This time I chose them because they complemented the colours in this immense necklace I’m wearing- hands down my favourite piece that Chelsea Doll have ever made, which is saying something as they make rather a few awesome feline themed pieces. I tend to go minimal on my jewellery on a day to day basis but sometimes I just can’t resist the urge to break out something a bit jazzier…and it doesn’t get much jazzier than this little gang of trolls!

What are you like when it comes to jewellery? Do you keep it subtle or take a loud and proud approach?


Introducing the Purrfect Box

Subscription boxes have become big business over the last couple of years- we’ve got the beauty boxes, the food boxes and now pet boxes! Mae and I were sent a sneak preview of the  Purrfect Box to see what it’s all about.
It was exciting times for us both when the courier delivered a bright pink box to the door, Mae was straight at it sniffing and pawing at it and once it was open she decided it made a pretty comfortable bed even with the contents still in there! The Purrfect Box is a monthly subscription which costs £19.90 a month, or £15.90 per month if you take out a years subscription. The contents of the box are guaranteed to be worth at least £30 with 4-6 premium products inside so it’s a pretty sweet deal, especially as each box is catered to your feline’s needs and preferences. The boxes will have a different theme each month too, so kitty won’t get bored ever again! The first box was Summer themed and went down pretty well!
The first item we tested was a laser pen which provides a little red dot for cats to chase. Mae loved this and goes utterly mad trying to catch that little spot of light. I do want to note these must be used with caution and need to be kept far away from eyes, but it’s good fun and I will continue to taunt Mae with this!
Next we picked out a valerian filled heart toy by 4cats. This has been such a huge hit with Mae as we found out recently that she responds really well to Valerian. It’s meant to be a snuggle pillow type of thing but Mae doesn’t realise this and I’m constantly dodging this as she throws it at my feet. For any one with a manic cat, valerian has really helped calm Mae down (most of the time!)
The bag of treats got a firm paws up from my little fiend. She is a bit of a food snob (the look of disgust she gives when you put down certain brands of food for her is classic) and once she’s found something she likes she doesn’t stray. We’re currently trying to wean her off of a dreamies addiction and these filled the gap nicely. She wolfed down a little pile and keeps eyeing the bag wanting more.
The Wasabycat scratching post was presented to Mae and she promptly turned her back on it. She isn’t a scratching post kind of cat though, unfortunately and anyone who visits the house will see the destruction she’s caused to our carpets. I’m hoping that with time, the catnip provided with this will win her over and it’s a great little box and a really good idea, especially for those who don’t have much space in their home. I’m not giving up on this!
We haven’t yet got around to trying the Trixie multivitamin paste as like I mentioned before, Mae is a bit funny about foods. I’m going to put a blob down in her food bowl soon though to see how she responds…I think it’s a really good idea for getting some goodness in to your cat and I hope that she will realise I’m not trying to poison her.
Overall we were really impressed with the box and I will be treating Mae to one from time to time. I was really surprised by how much she loved the contents as she isn’t known for her love of toys, and being able to customise a box in the future we could leave out any scratching related things. I really would recommend this to anyone wanting to treat their feline friend. It might seem a little pricey but for what you get it’s well worth it. There is also a Pawsome Box for those with dogs.
Order your Purrfect Box here…be sure to let me know if you do sign up as I’d love to know what your kitties think as well- why should us humans get all the fun, eh? I’m not sure why Mae refused to leave my converse alone for the photos, but she is a stubborn little thing!



It may only just be September (seriously time?!) but there has been a distinct Autumnal feel to the air of late and despite hating myself for it, I’m ready to ditch the Summer clothes (once again with many unworn) in favour of tights, boots and layers that come with the change in season. I always find myself willing to spend a bit more on my Autumn/Winter wardrobe as I tend to wear everything several times over. Summer clothes seem a bit of waste when it’s only really hot enough for some of them for such a brief period of time, cost per wear they seem quite poor value. I’m trying hard not to buy too much this year, with savings for my move and driving lessons very much needed. Thankfully thanks to the hours I’m putting in with two jobs I will still be able to get some new basics (or indeed, some basics as really I have none) and the search begins in earnest.

Dress: New Look | Boots: New Look (from last year’s Autumn collection)

Far from being a basic, I still couldn’t resist this dress when I popped in to my local New Look before work one lunch time. I never usually buy bodycon dresses as I just know I won’t get the wear out of them, but I couldn’t leave this tile print behind and actually, I feel pretty ok in this dress (some of the time, upon first seeing these photos I wasn’t so sure!). At £14.99 minus a 20% off voucher I found in my purse I didn’t see any harm in taking the plunge and I’ll be wearing this long in to the winter months with a chunky cardigan or cropped jumper over the top. Sometimes it pays to take a risk, and we all need a little treat every now and again don’t we?
I say this, and then a day later I happened to be in store again and managed to leave with this beauty of a coat in my possession. I clearly need to work on my self control, but as transitional and staple pieces go I could do worse.
Where do you shop for your wardrobe essentials? I’m thinking well cut trousers, sleek tees and high quality knits for mixing and matching on a work and out of work rotation. Dresses wouldn’t go amiss either…just don’t show me any shoes, please!
Are you looking forward to the impending Autumn days? It’s such a pretty time of year, even if it has arrived far too fast.


Crazy cat lady- the home edit.

With a move to a place of my own on the horizon I’ve been browsing the internet like a woman possessed for some little bits and pieces suitable for jazzing up a rented flat. Of course I soon got distracted from my search for basic bargains, affordable things that I will be using on a daily basis…the second I clapped eyes on one cat related item I carried on with the feline theme.
1. Felix Cushion, £8.99 from Dunelm. This is one thing I probably could justify as cushions are essential for a cosy home and this one is both super pretty and affordable. Safely bookmarked for the second I put down my deposit!
2. Lara Alley Cat Plate, £19.95 from Liberty. Plates are something that everybody needs in their life, but I really don’t think I can justify almost twenty quid on one no matter how awesome it may be. Hopefully I’ll find a cheaper alternative somewhere, or these will get reduced in a sale at some point as suddenly no other plate will do.
3. Siamese Cat Salt and Pepper Set, £12 from Lisa Angel. I don’t care if the 99p shop sells perfectly adequate salt and pepper sets, these adorable pair belong in my cupboard. One for the Christmas list!
4. Cat Lamp, £79 from Maiden. Pricey yes…but living alone for the first time in my life means I might suddenly develop a fear of the dark, right? Grasping at straws to justify this one!
5. Pewter Cat Sugar Spoon, £19.50 from Not On The Highstreet. An item that I have absolutely no need for in my life as I don’t take sugar in my drinks and it’s a huge extravagance, but I have a thing for pretty spoons and this would be a super pretty decorative item…if any one sees a cheaper alternative, let me know!
What essentials do I actually NEED when I move out? Leave a comment or links below if you see any more cat themed home-wares that I can pop on my wish list.


Meow or Never

Another day and yet another piece of cat related clothing, I just can’t help myself! River Island only served to encourage me the other week too, when they had a free delivery code for a day and I happened to have a little bit of cash in my paypal account burning a hole in my virtual pocket.

Tee: River Island | Jeans: New Look | Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

This tee is basically my dream fit. Baggy without being shapeless, a not in your face colour that isn’t black or white and a cat related slogan. At £16 it’s actually more than I would usually pay for a top (because I’m cheap) but in the land of the high-street I think it’s pretty good value and is of excellent quality.

This is quite typical of what I wear on a work from home afternoon when I have no plans on leaving the house. As much as I love the colour of these jeans I’m not sure where I stand on how I look in them. Recovery is a tough nut to crack and although I’m physically healthy and have been at a healthy weight for three, almost four months now (which is the longest I ever have in my adult life) I’m struggling mentally with body image. As much as I know that to anyone else I look fine, I still can’t accept my reflection in the mirror with anything but a sinking heart and it’s taking all of my strength not to give in. It’ll be much better when my back starts behaving again and I can get out and exercise and tone up, I think once that starts to happen things will become easier. In the mean time I’m just reminding myself of how much more I can do these days and how many goals and ambitions I have for the coming months.

Sorry for that little tangent, my fingers just started writing. Lets focus on something happier, like these boots. I resent needing to wear them in August but they are pretty damn awesome. I love the colour and they are surprisingly versatile to pair with things. The height is also perfect for every day wearing and I can walk for miles in them comfortably. I am going on a shoe ban for the next few months, I have more pairs than I can possibly store, especially once I move so I’m going to have a good sort out and sell some on ebay/depop and those that I keep I’ll be wearing to death. Size 7 folks keep your eyes peeled!

Seen any more feline themed clothing out there? Link me up below!