Zodiac Engagement Rings at Vashi

I feel like I should preface this post with an “I’m not engaged” disclaimer, before people go getting carried away! I do however know lots of engaged people (because you know, I’m at that age now) and have spent rather a lot of time admiring very sparkly rings- Tara’s is especially sparkly!

It’s been a while since I last featured any jewellery on the blog so when I heard about Vashi’s Zodiac ring look-book I figured it was as good as time as any to pop up some seriously covetable bling!

This is a collection inspired by astrology with a ring selected for every star sign (so twelve in all) each selected because they match the personality and traits of each sign. I’ve popped images for each ring below and if you hover over you can find out which star sign they represent.
I’m a taurus and the ring for my sign is actually pretty spot on when it coms to my taste- I’m really interested to know what your star sign is and what you think of the ring that Vashi have allocated for it- I think this is a lovely way to help select such a special piece, although granted it’s not going to work for everyone- very much like horoscopes themselves.


Weekends in the Park

Now Ben has moved back in to Bristol I’ve been spending my weekends there for the majority of the time. I’ve discovered more of the city in the last 18 months than I have in the entire 27 years I’ve lived on the outskirts of it and I’m forever falling that little bit further in love with it’s eclectic atmosphere and huge amount of things to see and do. One of my favourite places is St George Park, a huge open space that makes you feel like you aren’t actually in a city at all.
This was kind of intended to be an outfit post but it was too cold that morning to wear my planned outfit and I was in a super grumpy mood so they haven’t come out that brilliantly. Regardless, I love a good jumper dress and this one from La Redoute has that perfect slouchy fit that I love so much and pairs perfectly with my black and gold boots.

I love being outdoors in the Autumn. I’m prone to a touch of SAD once it starts to be dark when you wake up and dark so early in the evenings, but getting outside when there is daylight, rain or shine (and there has been a LOT of rain lately) really helps boost my mood and keeps my sanity there.

What’s your favourite city? Fellow Bristol folk, where do you like to spend your time?


I Love: mini boxes of love

Is there ever a good time to start thinking about Christmas gifts? Probably not, it doesn’t feel right until the 1st December hits and by then the shops are packed and I generally lose the will. I’ve actually started picking up bits and pieces for people as I seem them (because sod’s law dictates they will otherwise sell out) and as such I’ve also started to think about festive content for the blog- click away now if you’re still in denial that it’s rapidly approaching!
I was recently sent the perfect little stocking filler from I Love… and couldn’t resist giving it a quick review and feature even though we’re still (just about) in October…
Honestly, how cute are these? In the box you get a bubble bath/shower cream and a moisturising lotion PLUS a shower puff for £5- hello bargain! (They are also currently only £3.50 in Superdrug). I was sent the Mango and Papaya set and it smells literally good enough to eat, so fruity and fresh! You’ll find a scent to suit everyone though, from the delicious sounding Strawberries and Cream to a taste of the exotic with the Tutti Frutti set.

I know so many people who would really appreciate these, and I’m not usually one to be taken with toiletries as a gift- I certainly wouldn’t mind been given one of these over the festive period, what a perfect way to perk up the cold dark days?

These mini box of love is available from Primark and selected Superdrug stores as well as online at Superdrug…I suggest stocking up before they sell out (and if Santa asks, Coconut and Cream is high on my Christmas list right now!)

Would you mind getting a set like this? What (or who!) would you like to see in your stocking when December 25th rolls around?



Every woman needs a dress in her wardrobe that makes them feel amazing and after years of searching I think I might have found mine. Sorry for the not so brilliant photos, it was another tripod job, snatched between downpours…after months and months of decent weather and therefore light I had forgotten how dark Autumn can get!
Now, this dress c/o Hyrbid and e-tail PR Hybrid it’s about as far from my usual style as you can get. I fell in love with it on the website and just knew, from having seen it on other bloggers that somehow it would be flattering. As always with a bodycon fit I opted for a size up, I’m a fan of breathing and also just feel more comfortable and confident in something that isn’t squishing my rib cage and highlighting every lump and bump.

This dress is the “Daria” style on the website and actual perfection. I love the autumnal colours and although not an exact match I think it went nicely with my velvet boots from Bertie! I’m having a moment with berry tones at the moment and be it lipstick or clothing I’m sporting them in some form every day.

Hybrid is a brand I’ve not really become familiar with up until now, but based on the quality and fit of this dress I will be saving my hard earned pennies for some more dresses from them; they don’t run cheap but this is a classic that will last a life time…not to mention it’s body con that actually gives me body confidence, that in itself is priceless!

What makes you feel most confident when it comes to clothing?


The Blanket Coat from Britfash

I love coats, if I had the storage and the bank account I would have a vast collection of them in all kinds of colours and textures. One style I’d never tried before is the blanket coat although I’ve seen them everywhere over the last couple of months- Britfash recently got in touch and offered to send me one and keen to experiment I graciously (or, rather over-excitedly) accepted.

Coat c/o Britfash | Jumper: Matalan | Jeans: Bershka | Boots: Zara

The timing of the arrival of this coat/cape/poncho could not have been more perfect as it was a cold and drizzly day which required layers. This is such an easy coat to wear and I love the aztec print- perfect for throwing on with jeans and a jumper, and I have a couple of black dresses that I think it’ll look cool over too…I don’t know, I need to get browsing blogs for a little more inspiration on how to style it now I actually own one!

Long story short- I love blanket coats. How do you wear yours? Give me ideas! All I need now is a snuggly teddy bear coat and a leather jacket and I’ll feel my collection is complete!

Fancy treating yourself to a blanket coat too? Britfash have a fabulous range at bargain prices, one identical to mine will set you back under £30! Watch this space for more outfits featuring this beauty.
Sorry, I’m not sure I’ve made an awful lot of sense in this post- lesson learnt about burning the candle at both ends and scheduling posts when my eyes will barely stay open!